Other conspicuous international design prizes:


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Culinary Arts PrizePurple PrizeArtistic PrizePromotion Items Prize
Photography PrizeEvent PrizeEuropean PrizeSuccessful Prize
Spacecraft PrizeExpostitions PrizeMagazine PrizeExposition Prize
Manufacturers PrizeAdvanced PrizeIndicator of Good Design PrizeAwards' Prize
For Designers PrizeArchitecture Art and Design PrizeDesign Olympics PrizeDesigners Prize
High Quality Design PrizeTop Architecture PrizeTop Notch Design PrizeArt Materials Prize
Creative Talents PrizeMeta PrizeSales Centers PrizeWorkshop and Warehouse Prize
Pet Products PrizeArt Installations PrizeArt Works PrizeBusiness Strategy Prize
Information Processing PrizeArt Portfolio PrizeArt Events PrizeConferences Prize
Red Goods PrizeBlack Goods PrizeElectronic Goods PrizeBusiness Deals Prize
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